A new film

A new Film by Shaun Clark, “Lady and the Tooth”

When the most precious commodity in society are teeth there is only one way to conquer love.

Shaun Clark graduated from The National Film and Television School England in 2005 with the short film called “Lightman”. A manic tale about a man who is scared of the dark and tries at all costs to recreate the sun in his loft to make the dark vanish from his life forever. The film was screened at over forty film festivals and went on to win numerous awards. In 2005 Shaun was recognised by Aardman animations in an exhibition of work from the uk’s most recent fresh talent. Shaun went onto produce a series of short films between 2006 and 2011 which used experimental storytelling and abstract techniques. In 2010 his film Home?, Won the best experimental audience prize at the London International Animation Festival. Lady and the Tooth sees Shaun return to narrative based themes exploring a grotesque village full of teeth worshippers.