Lady and the Tooth

a film by Shaun Clark

Month: March, 2013

British Shorts: Weird and Wonderful

Lady and the tooth will be part of the "BRITISH SHORTS: WEIRD AND WONDERFUL" screening at the 17th Sofia International Film Festival

Lady and the tooth will be part of the “BRITISH SHORTS: WEIRD AND WONDERFUL” screening at the 17th
Sofia International Film Festival.

For the 17th year Sofia International Film Festival will gather together films, guests, stars, journalists and cinema fans from 7th until 17th March 2013. Featured in Variety’s Top 50 of cinema festivals, the event presents Bulgaria to the world as the host one of the important film festivals in Europe and takes place annually in March. What started as a thematic music film festival, went through 15 previous editions to become the cinema event of the year, bringing the current world cinema trends to the domestic viewers in Bulgaria and the latest in Bulgarian cinema to the rest of the world.


Review by Jonathan Toomey in Take One

review lady and the tooth take one cambridge film festival 2013

As part of an overview for the Screen Out Loud competition at Animated Exeter FestivalJonathan Toomey, has written a review in Take Oneabout “Lady and the Tooth”

Here are a few excerpts from the article:

“Screen Out Loud is host to a fantastic set of films from some new and some more well established animation talent. Most notable in this selection are a number of films that forego technical immaculacy in favour of artistic merit.

LADY AND THE TOOTH by Shaun Clark, is a grisly and perplexing animation about teeth and love. The film’s design is incredible, and exceedingly well considered as it compliments the narrative perfectly. The crudity in this animation is a joy to witness as it offers a refreshing change of pace from high gloss mainstream animation which replicates life without offering any insight.

Screen Out Loud is a showcase for some truly memorable and inspirational works which were a privilege to see together on the big screen. There were a lot of exciting ideas on display… “

A little about Take One magazine

TAKE ONE is an independent film magazine and website run by volunteers. We cover the best in independent and festival cinema year round and every September we are responsible for the full, comprehensive coverage of the Cambridge Film Festival.

TAKE ONE evolved in 2011 from the original Cambridge Film Festival Daily as the official source of news, reviews and interviews on all films screened during the Cambridge Film Festival. The first hard copy issue of TAKE ONE was distributed around Cambridge on September 8th 2011, and the website officially launched in November 2011 and runs throughout the year.

Film festivals we have covered include the Edinburgh Film Festival, Cambridge African Film Festival, London Korean Film Festival, Brighton Film Festival, Norwich Film Festival and Aesthetica short film festival in York. We also covered the British Silent Film Festival in print as well as online, and from here on we will continue to keep you abreast of all things cinema, whilst reporting back from events and film festivals around the world.



“Lady and the tooth” recently screened at  Tabakalera in northern Spain. Tabakalera is an  international contemporary culture centre containing Contemporary art, television, video and cinema, design and sound.

Since 2007 Tabakalera has organised a wide sort of activities. Exhibitions like Summer by Julian Schnabel (2007), No es Neutral (2008),Egiatik (2008) and Look Again (2009) as well as experimental shortfilm screenings like LABO, in collaboration with Clermont-Ferrand Festival.


The Lab competition is the place where people rush in to experience jarring films. Electrifying combinations, arresting viewpoints, accomplished risk-taking; Clermont-Ferrand’s Lab is the right prescription for visual addicts. Come get your fix, brought to you by artists dangerously in love with images and sounds.

Tabakalera opens its doors to the new Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival.

Thanks to the collaborative efforts of the Clermont-Ferrand Festival, Tabakalera and Donostia Kultura, which celebrates its sixth anniversary this year, from February 25th to March 2nd, 40 films included in the festival’s Labo experimental section will be screened in Tabakalera‘s cinema. The cycle includes a selection of experimental proposals, offering new and, on many occasions, disturbing points of view, as well as works verging on the edge of video-art or contemporary art, all located in this space in which the lines delimiting the different disciplines become increasingly blurred.

8th Athens AnimFest

8th Athene Film Festival 2013 mewlab lady and the tooth high above the sky

Lady and the Tooth has been selected for the 8th Athens AnimFest to screen durning mach 7-13 in the International Competition  Program 1

The 8th Athens International Animation Festival, called Animfest, will run from March 7-13 and feature dozens of animated films, shown at the Greek Film Archive/Film Museum, including many from other countries. For the competition section the festival screen the best animation around europe with 84 animation short films will participating in the animation contest, 55 from which are student films and 24 Greek.

The festival includes an extensive tribute to French animation movies, with 64 films, as well as a tribute to the Polish studio SE-MA-FOR, with 19 movies.

Under the title Neighbors’ Animation, nine films from various European countries, such as Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Estonia, Poland and Lithuania, will be screened.

A short four-film tribute will be presented to honor the Russian and French stop-motion animator, Vladislav Starevich, notable as the author of the first puppet-animated film, accompanied by modern music from Brooding Side Of Madness.

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