“Lady and the tooth” at Edinburgh Cinefringe

Lady and the tooth will screen at Cinefringe Film Festival in Edinburgh on thursday 31st July at 9.45pm for TOTAL CULT! at Sweet Venue Grassmarket and you can buy the tickets here  Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 18.06.29 TOTAL CULT! Some films are simply indescribable. These films are kind you just don’t see every day, extreme in theme or style yet you are unable to take your eyes away from the screen. These films are shocking, intense, insane, insatiable and all totally cult! Bring a drink and an open mind, leave your expectations at the ticket desk, and join us for a late-night helping of truly Fringe filmmaking! Disclaimer – CineFringe cannot guarantee a good night’s sleep after this screening…

The History of CineFringe

One of the sole torch bearers for film within a chaotic schedule of comedy, theatre, arts, dance and music, no-one else offers a cinematic take on the unique atmosphere of the Fringe. Our mission is to put film back into the Fringe and the ‘Fringe’ back into film! After the Edinburgh International Film Festival moved from August to June in 2008, the largest arts festival on the planet was left with a cinema-shaped hole in its programme. Debuting in 2010, organised by a small but dedicated team of independent film lovers, CineFringe is designed to fill that gap. Rather than tailor our programmes by genre or theme, in true Fringe spirit each of our screenings offers up an eclectic mix – in any given screening you might find animation, drama, documentary, experimental, comedy, horror…from anywhere in the world, from 60 seconds long to 30 minutes long. There really is something for every film lover at CineFringe. Our strongest commitment is to accessibility. The festival is open to anyone from anywhere in the world and is completely free to enter. The screenings themselves, held in the heart of the Edinburgh Fringe, are very competitively priced to come and enjoy, which is something we really hold dear in the ever-increasing world of Fringe ticket prices.   We are also expanding year on year, branching our into other events such as film making workshops and, in 2012, teaming up with Edinburgh’s Cameo Cinema to bring a Sundance Award-winning feature documentary to Edinburgh for its Scottish Premiere. Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 18.01.24