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Lady and the Tooth at Cut Out Fest

We are delighted to announce Lady and the Tooth will be showcased at the CutOut Fest International Animation Festival  in Mexico


Cut out Festival blurb: We are the nation’s largest celebration of animation and digital art. A festival held in the city of Querétaro and known for its inspiring program of workshops, conferences, lectures, film screenings and art exhibits offered at no cost. We are recognized for our impressive Competition of International Animated Short Films and for the newly released Living Market, a space to foster a culture of business creativity within an industry that lives off new ideas. We are a unique and amazing experience that every year brings together some of the most influential artists and thousands of minds hungry for knowledge, art, creativity and innovation.



Three Corpse Circus Screen Lady and the tooth

Three Corpse Circus

Lady and the tooth will be heading over to Ann Arbor to take part in the official selection of Southeast Michigan’s premier horror event “The Three Corpse Circus International Horror Film Festival”. The Three Corpse Circus is a forum for horror artists and fans to come together and enjoy their passion of the macabre. Their objective is to promote talent and honor success in the horror genre and to build a thriving horror community in Southeast Michigan.

Special retrospective of the best Animaldiçoados on surgical cases


“Lady and the tooth” will be part of a special retrospective at the annual Animaldicoados animation festival this year. Having screened at the festival in 2012 the film returns to be part of the retrospective of the best Animaldiçoados on surgical cases.

The Animaldiçoados is the annual international festival of animation more chilling, mournful and sinister. This fifth edition, fo ram selected 53 Brazilian and foreign animations. 33 animations participate in the International C ompetição Short: 11 from Brazil, two from Germany, one from Australia, one from Canada, one from Scotland, three from USA, one from Finland, two from France, one from Latvia, one from Portugal, 3 UK, 1 in Switzerland, three in Thailand, one co-production Argentina / France and 1 Brazil / France / USA. The animations will be reviewed by the Technical Jury and the Jury. The Audiovisual Technical Centre of the Ministry of Culture (CTAv – MINC) will award the Best Brazilian Animaldiçoado.

The festival features the Special Autopsy 3 cadaveric short animators Marc Riba and Anna Solanas in I + G Stop Motion (Spain): Canis, Violet – La Negre Pescadora del Mar and Les Bessones del Carrer de Ponent. The Special Death is frightened by the best animated shorts of all editions of Animaldiçoados. Bizarre surgical cases is the theme of animations that will appear in the Special Surgical Short. And the Special thanatology studies the nature of death in 3 short dark d Swedish animator Erik Rosenlund.

From August 28 to September 7, 2014 in the Federal Justice Cultural Cine, Rio de Janeiro, and 2nd and 3rd December at the Museum of Image and Sound of São Paulo.

Lady and the tooth at Koroche!

Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 11.17.32

Lady and tooth has been selected in the Koroche Russian Short Film Festival running during the 22-24 August in Kaliningrad

Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 11.18.09

KOROCHE Festival is a short cut to the leading producing companies for young enthusiasts and cinema professionals alike.

Our Festival will help producers to find new ideas and new people for their projects, and will help young participants to find opportunities for self-fulfillment.

Our attendees are young people with shining eyes gleaming with enthusiasm, and producers who always strive ahead.

Steve Kopian reviews of “Lady and the tooth” for Unseen Films

Steve Kopian wrote a fantastic review about Lady and the Tooth at this page
Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 19.02.27



Shaun Clark’s Lady And The Tooth is one of those truly twisted visions that are best suited to a short film. Its would never work any longer than it is since to go any longer would break it’s carefully crafted spell. As much as it bothered me  and left me staring in disbelief at the screen, I was smiling all the way to the end .  I was smiling as well as kind of unnerved, wondering what sort of sick twisted pit of hell did this crawl out of and more importantly are there any more treasures like this that we can find?

The film is set in a weird backwoods community where teeth are an important commodity and are given to the towns folk by a giant head in the sky. I can’t tell you any more than that since to do so would require me to tell you the story, a kind of boy meets girl story, involving teeth and  kidnapping…

What sets the film apart is the throw back style.It looks like the crayon drawings of a child come to life. The designs are largely grotesque and they are bothersome from the first frame. Equally disturbing is the color scheme, everything is pink, red and white. which makes things look like an exploded Valentine card.

I have no idea how to describe this film with out wrecking it. I would love to compare it a weird cross between a certain Christopher Lee film, mixed with some sort of backwoods horror film as filtered through the Mike Judge Beavis and Butthead style of animation, but that’s selling the film short. That’s trying to make the film fit into a box so that I can display it to you without showing it to you. The film is so much more and so uniquely its own thing.

This is the right sort of messed up. No really, this is. I need to mess people up with this film, I need to show it to people and make them wonder what the hell they just saw.

That’s a huge rave by the way.

Mostly this disturbing little confection left me wondering how in the hell could you program any film to follow it.

I have no idea, if you want to find out the film plays tomorrow at Fantasia as part of the Outer Limits of Animation Program. For more information and details go to the film’s festival web page here.

Go see this film.

Canadian Premiere At FanTasia

Lady and the tooth” will have its Canadian Premiere at the FanTasia Film Festival described by Quentin Tarantino as “the most important and prestigious genre film festival on this continent.” The film will screen in the OUTER LIMITS OF ANIMATION / AU-DELÀ DE L’ANIMATION.

This program will be presented on Wendesday august 6th at 7:15 pm in the De Seve Cinema.

You can watch the new “Lady and the tooth” trailer here:

Lady And The Tooth FanTasia Festival Trailer from Mew Lab on Vimeo.


View the website here:

And you can watch the festival trailer here

Fantasia 2014 – International from Fantasia Film Festival on Vimeo.



Fantasia has some of the best audiences and programming out there. As a distributor, it’s an essential stop for the latest in genre cinema.” – John Von Thaden, Manager of Acquisitions, MAGNOLIA PICTURES

“A record-breaking 150 directors, actors, screenwriters and producers came to the festival to present their films, with over 250 members of the film industry in attendance.” – Ian Sandwell, SCREEN

“One of the most exciting genre film festivals in the world. It is in Montreal that we might discover the next Eraserhead” – PREMIERE MAGAZINE

“One of Canada’s hotter film events” – Brendan Kelly, VARIETY

“one of the best genre film festivals in the world.” – Harry Knowles, AIN’T IT COOL

“Fantasia is a legitimate candidate for the continent’s foremost genre film festival, its reputation such that, in 2009, it could pull the North American premiere of INGLORIOUS BASTERDS” – Nick Pinkerton, SIGHT AND SOUND MAGAZINE

“Many films have been discovered at Fantasia or sparked interest in US remakes, many by my company” – Roy Lee, Producer of THE DEPARTED, THE WOMAN IN BLACK, THE RING.

“Mammoth…The world’s largest genre film festival” – Bryce J. Renninger, INDIEWIRE

“Le Festival Fantasia de Montréal est la plus importante manifestation d’Amérique du Nord consacrée au cinéma de genre” – LES CAHIERS DU CINEMA

“One of the largest, longest running, and just plain longest genre film festival in the world, Fantasia has an overwhelming number of films and film related events to offer every year.” – Greg Christie, TWITCH FILM

“A must-see event… Like nothing else in the world” – LES INROCKUPTIBLES

“The largest festival of its kind on this continent. The sheer number of discoveries is astonishing.” – FANGORIA MAGAZINE

“Top notch… people line up around the block for hours in wait to see a film” – FILM THREAT

“Fantasia is the hippest film festival in town” – THE MONTREAL GAZETTE

“one of the coolest festivals in the world” – MAD MOVIES

“If I missed Fantasia I’d drive an icepick into my brain” – RUE MORGUE MAGAZINE

Over the years, Fantasia has proven itself to be one of the largest and the most cutting edge festivals of its kind. Among our accomplishments, Fantasia is regularly cited as the place where the J-horror craze began in this part of the world – our North American Premiere of RINGU led directly to Dreamworks acquiring the film and producing its blockbuster remake, and Fantasia was also the first festival in North America to screen a film by Takashi Miike. Some other programming coups? We were the first festival in the world to show work from a then-19-year-old Adam Wingard when we world premiered his feature debut HOME SICK, our World Premiere of PERFECT BLUE launched the career of Satoshi Kon and our Canadian premiere of PI marked the first time a film by Darren Aronofsky was shown in Canada.

“Lady and the tooth” at Edinburgh Cinefringe

Lady and the tooth will screen at Cinefringe Film Festival in Edinburgh on thursday 31st July at 9.45pm for TOTAL CULT! at Sweet Venue Grassmarket and you can buy the tickets here  Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 18.06.29 TOTAL CULT! Some films are simply indescribable. These films are kind you just don’t see every day, extreme in theme or style yet you are unable to take your eyes away from the screen. These films are shocking, intense, insane, insatiable and all totally cult! Bring a drink and an open mind, leave your expectations at the ticket desk, and join us for a late-night helping of truly Fringe filmmaking! Disclaimer – CineFringe cannot guarantee a good night’s sleep after this screening…

The History of CineFringe

One of the sole torch bearers for film within a chaotic schedule of comedy, theatre, arts, dance and music, no-one else offers a cinematic take on the unique atmosphere of the Fringe. Our mission is to put film back into the Fringe and the ‘Fringe’ back into film! After the Edinburgh International Film Festival moved from August to June in 2008, the largest arts festival on the planet was left with a cinema-shaped hole in its programme. Debuting in 2010, organised by a small but dedicated team of independent film lovers, CineFringe is designed to fill that gap. Rather than tailor our programmes by genre or theme, in true Fringe spirit each of our screenings offers up an eclectic mix – in any given screening you might find animation, drama, documentary, experimental, comedy, horror…from anywhere in the world, from 60 seconds long to 30 minutes long. There really is something for every film lover at CineFringe. Our strongest commitment is to accessibility. The festival is open to anyone from anywhere in the world and is completely free to enter. The screenings themselves, held in the heart of the Edinburgh Fringe, are very competitively priced to come and enjoy, which is something we really hold dear in the ever-increasing world of Fringe ticket prices.   We are also expanding year on year, branching our into other events such as film making workshops and, in 2012, teaming up with Edinburgh’s Cameo Cinema to bring a Sundance Award-winning feature documentary to Edinburgh for its Scottish Premiere. Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 18.01.24

Lady and the Tooth official selection at Rabbit Fest 2014

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 18.49.47

 ‘Lady and the tooth” has been selected in the official program of RabbitFest 2014, in the stunning City of Perugia, where italian animation flourish! 

The festival will run from 11 June to the 16th June.

locanidna egn web

The RabbitFest – International Animation Film Festival was founded in 2010 by the Cultural Association Skunk, committed to the promotion of international films that are not always distributed in Italy.

With RabbitFest, we chose to focus on animation, because we believe it is an underestimated genre, too often associated solely with a child audience. Above all, we are convinced that this genre includes masterpieces that deserve to be known by the general public.

RabbitFest takes place in the art city of Perugia, the Umbrian capital, a place rich in history and the cultural and economic hub of the region, which is experiencing a time of great cultural ferment thanks to its nominations as European Youth Capital 2017 and European Capital of Culture 2019.

This cultural dynamism is a symptom of the area’s desire to emerge and the attention it has always paid to foreign cultural influences. Not surprisingly, Perugia boasts the oldest university for foreigners in Italy.


“Lady and the tooth” screening at Sydney’s Flickerfest 18th January

Flickerfest 2014 lady and the tooth

Flickerfest Australia’s only Academy® accredited & BAFTA recognised competitive International Short Film Festival has just announced they will be screening “Lady and the tooth” on Saturday 18th January at 18:30. Flickerfest is considered in international circles as the leading Australian competitive short film festival and increasingly filmmakers view it as one of the main festivals on the world circuit. Launching in Sydney on January 10th, Flickerfest will run in Sydney for 10 days before taking the rest of the county by storm with over 50 venues on the National Tour!

Lady and the tooth” will be screened in the “Weird and Wacky Shorts” section!

Flickerfest weird and wacky shaun clark

Court Metrange Film Festival

mewlab Court Metrange Film Festival shaun clark lady and the tooth

Lady and the tooth will be screened at Court Metrange Film Festival  in Rennes during October 17th-20th

The Court Métrange Festival, founded in Rennes – Brittany / France – by Hélène and Steven Pravong together with the Unis Vers Sept Arrivé association in 2004 is the only French festival dedicated to fantastic (including horror, bizarre …) short movies. Its aim is to help young film makers committed to that genre by offering them this unique showcase. The festival also gives them the opportunity to meet new potential producers on the occasion of its pitch dating session.

In addition to the festival itself, a few side events such as exhibitions and conferences related to the theme are held in different venues of the Breton capital at the same period.

This year’s 10th anniversary edition will take place between October 14th and 20th at the CINE TNB in Rennes. The festival is proud to feature more than 80 short & strange movies from all over the world via its official competition, a focus on Swiss & Korean cinema, several special programs and – for the first time – the Méliès d’Argent award for the best European fantastic short film.

Within a few years, the Court Métrange Festival has become a major event in the cultural life of Rennes, a city by no means in want of cultural events. Cinema expresses people’s dreams and nightmares. There should be no such thing as one “official genre” in order to explain beauty and pain in our society. The Court Métrange Festival is happy to contribute to providing another point of view on our world, a different but nonetheless interesting one

Here the previous year trailer

B.A Festival Court Métrange 2012 from Court Métrange on Vimeo.</p

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